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Athletes and families come to sport for many reasons.  Some look for comradery, others enjoy the exercise and experience, and some are inspired by the current start to be the future’s stars.  Unfortunately, the current system in the USA, and globally, sprinkles the map with as many landmines as opportunities.  We’d like to believe the best make it to the next level and beyond, but success is more complicated than that.  Being a great athlete is only part of the puzzle, being a great ‘anything’ is foundational and throughout.  Enjoying the journey can be equally complicated and compromised.
An ocean of choices and roadways lays ahead for every athlete and family.  Time is precious, resources limited, and chances to move on are unpredictable.  Choices have to be made, not compromises.  SportLogic enables real Player Pathway!
Relationships and Verticals:  Soccer is a social sport.  It’s teamwork on and off the pitch.  With decades of domestic and international professional competition (1st division through development), SportLogic connections span the globe; vertical into the highest US competition and breaks the boundaries to Europe, South America, and Asia / Pacific.



Relationships get sticky when a player’s path becomes dependent on who we (or anyone) knows.  Remember, soccer is global and local.  When an athlete arrives ‘over there’, there are hundreds of athletes already there who grew up there vying for that spot.  Soccer is competitive, very competitive and you may be the best, but still find blocked roadways!  Such are the limits of relationships.
Vertical:  SportLogic is vertically integrated globally and domestically.  Direct command and control of clubs across continents allows SportLogic to place athletes into systems and ladders that challenge, grow, and inspire athletes across levels, age brackets, and ambitions.  Our direction connection to 2nd division Europe is unprecedented.  Levels from Juvenile to Cadete (equivalent to American U18 – U14) with multiple teams within each category and in an array of divisions within the categories all athletes from a global background enter at their level, adjust to the new styles and systems, then progress to their aspiration.  
Some will go pro!  They will be the next $million athlete with agent relationships, signing bonuses, and real pathway.  Others will embrace the culture, education, rich life, college career and where they find success..

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